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Love and Taxes

It’s that time of year again…tax time.

I know, I know, it’s been that time of year for a long time, but I’m both a procrastinator and a tax-loather, so I’ve put it off until today and now I’m nearly cross-eyed from all the legalese. What do things like dividends and earned income really mean? Of course I earned it, what kind of woman do you think I am, Mr. Tax Document?!

If there were a word in my vocabulary stronger than hate…it’d have to be taxes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love getting the tax return at the end of it all, but it’s like I have to pass this long, convoluted test to get my own money back. Oh, and if I make a mistake on this test, no “B” for me, I get to go directly to tax fraud jail. (Okay, that might be a little dramatic, but that’s how I feel in the midst of the process.)


Taxes make me want to do this: the adult form of running away from home…with your home.

On a lighter and completely unrelated topic, I recently had a friend notice the name of my wordpress site (foundmydarcy) and comment that I must be an Austen fan.

Why, yes. Yes I am. (Does the sun shine?)

But there’s more to the name than just being part of the crazy Jane A. fandom. And it was more than I wanted to reply in a comment on said friend’s post (hijacking and all that). So, here’s the story of how my blog got its name.

Long, long ago, (okay, it was 2005) in the age of dial-up internet and low-rise jeans, there was a girl (me) who decided to have my first ever blog. Only, it wasn’t called a blog. Not exactly. I vaguely remember the term online journal being thrown around, but suffice it to say, it was essentially a blog.

I had a friend help me set it up, and when it came to the username/blog name, I tried to be creative while honoring my newfound love of Pride and Prejudice (I’d just read the book–before watching the movies–and loved it, of course). So it had to be both witty but “cool” and unique, of course.

After debating a couple ideas, I came up with the perfect combo: Lookin_4_Darcy.

Yeah, I roll my eyes at it now, but at the time, it was PERFECTION.

Little did I know the joke was on me: I’d “met” my future husband by the end of that afternoon.

You see, my friend who had helped set up my page went ahead and subscribed me to all her favorite people’s pages as well–including a guy she’d befriended at summer camp and his younger brother (my now husband). Of course, not understanding a thing about how blogs worked at that time, I introduced myself to each person I’d been subscribed to lest they feel like I was some random weirdo stalking their page. (facepalm)

Granted, my husband described it as “cute”, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t.

So yeah, we commented back and forth on each other’s journal-entries/posts until mid-2006 when we both got distracted with other things. Later, mid-2008, we reconnected through the internet again and eventually met (because we found out we had all these friends in common who ASSURED us we were both real people–no catfishing on our watch). And about a year after finally meeting face-to-face, we were married.

So I started out Lookin_4_Darcy, but I have since found my Darcy.

I started with a little online journal and now I have a bonna-fied blog (that I tend to neglect, but I’m working on that).

So that’s where that name comes from; a double meaning. A Jane Austen tribute with a little back story of my own. Because that’s pretty much as “me” as you can get.

Unlike taxes.



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